Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Postponed but not cancelled! Sherpa Abides!

Last week was quite a week full of confusion, sadness, pride, revulsion, joy, and elation.  The week prior to Boston Comic con was a flurry of activity, and anxiety.  Would there be a con or wouldn’t there be a con.  Then came lockdown Friday, the con was forced to postpone.  I am so proud of Boston Comic con for the professional way that the promoters kept people informed about the information they had.  The con was postponed at 3 by 5 I had been invited another event.  My publishers at Trypitc Press are the hardest working, fastest sumabitches eva!  In 25 hours they opened the gallery doors at The Studios at Porter Mills and we were in business.  There was an Event, a book release/comic con/gallery opening and it was awesomely fun.  I needed to have a spot of joy so bad and these guys provided it.  Even if I were not part of Chroma I would have nothing but mad respect for those at Tryptic press and Zombiebomb!  Monsta, Andrew, Michael, Adam, and Andy.  Bravo boys!  You are the lords of the Universe! 


 Here is the awesome banner that Tryptic Press made for me. 

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