Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Boston Comic Con post-con Post.

Well it has been forever since I posted here.  Things have been crazy, I am at the begining of the busiest con season I have ever had.  I have 7 appearences between 8/3/2013 and 11/3/2013 and they are all awesome.  I will be listing them here and facebook.

So Boston Comic con has finally happened, it was awesome I saw good friends, I made friends and I hung out with the best group of friends a guy can have.  I picked up Mike Mignola's new sketchbook and Steve Niles Frankenstien Unbound.  I saw amazing art.  I met some heros.

My next show is Monster Mania in Cherry Hill NJ.


Guest list is as follows: Carrie Fisher, Danny Glover, Christopher Lloyd, Malcolm MacDowell, and others.

I have been making all kinds of art since the last post here is some:

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