Thursday, April 5, 2018

Wow, I need to update this!

I have been away from here for awhile, I am back.  Many things have changed since I was here last. 
I have travelled across the country and travelled outside the country.  I have met so many amazing people and had wondrous adventures.  I have made a ton of new work and gotten a studio.  I am gonna post a bunch of photos here.  The first ones are some of my work and the celebrities I've met. I will try to be better at updating. 

Charlie Cox with my Daredevil cover.

Christian Serrano can looking for art at Walker Stalker Boston.

Michael Cudlitz at Mohegan Sun.

Chester Rushing from Stranger Things, he loves Rick and Morty
                                                         Cooper Andrews, me and my friend Jenn(nice Negan)

                                                           My sketch cover of Negan Jeffrey signed for me.
I have made tons of new work.  Sketch Covers, sketch cards, and paintings.

my Rick and Morty painting.
New work for Terror Con
Sketch Cover Remarks 
The Iron Spider.
Wakanda Forever.

I am working with Cosplayers also to get them prints for when they table at a con or event.   

   That Wonder Woman Jamie Dolan
The western Ma Green Arrow Donnie Francis

Friday, May 16, 2014

Wow, It has been a while. What's new. Cons,CONS, CONS!

I am back, I have had a crazy hard year, but con season is upon us.  My ever present table mate Andy Driscoll of Sweet Monkey Studios will be criss crossing the great New England region this summer....All Hail Summer Con Tour 2014

We have some appearances coming up....

 The first is it has a great guest list including Manu Bennett, Giancarlo Esposito, and many other great guests.  It is May31-June 1st.  Come check it out.

We will also be at Terror Con in Providence the next weekend June 6-7.  The website is they also have a great guest list including Ms. Terror Con herself Sarah Michelle and a whole slew of guests including my personal favorite Lew Temple from the Walking Dead and The Devil's Rejects.  Follow him at he is the coolest.  Linda Blair will be there as will an amazing group of actors.

Andy and I will also be at Walker Stalker Con Boston June 13-15.  This show is a real humdinger it is a Zombie themed con featuring over 20 actors from The Walking Dead including Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan, Steven Yuen and it is also a Boondock Saints reunion show, with Sean Patrick Flannery and David Della Rocco.  Here is their website

Come see Andy and I at one of these great shows or all of them.  Don't forget June is my birthday month come say happy Birthday and I might have a present for you.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Boston Comic Con post-con Post.

Well it has been forever since I posted here.  Things have been crazy, I am at the begining of the busiest con season I have ever had.  I have 7 appearences between 8/3/2013 and 11/3/2013 and they are all awesome.  I will be listing them here and facebook.

So Boston Comic con has finally happened, it was awesome I saw good friends, I made friends and I hung out with the best group of friends a guy can have.  I picked up Mike Mignola's new sketchbook and Steve Niles Frankenstien Unbound.  I saw amazing art.  I met some heros.

My next show is Monster Mania in Cherry Hill NJ. 

Guest list is as follows: Carrie Fisher, Danny Glover, Christopher Lloyd, Malcolm MacDowell, and others.

I have been making all kinds of art since the last post here is some:

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Postponed but not cancelled! Sherpa Abides!

Last week was quite a week full of confusion, sadness, pride, revulsion, joy, and elation.  The week prior to Boston Comic con was a flurry of activity, and anxiety.  Would there be a con or wouldn’t there be a con.  Then came lockdown Friday, the con was forced to postpone.  I am so proud of Boston Comic con for the professional way that the promoters kept people informed about the information they had.  The con was postponed at 3 by 5 I had been invited another event.  My publishers at Trypitc Press are the hardest working, fastest sumabitches eva!  In 25 hours they opened the gallery doors at The Studios at Porter Mills and we were in business.  There was an Event, a book release/comic con/gallery opening and it was awesomely fun.  I needed to have a spot of joy so bad and these guys provided it.  Even if I were not part of Chroma I would have nothing but mad respect for those at Tryptic press and Zombiebomb!  Monsta, Andrew, Michael, Adam, and Andy.  Bravo boys!  You are the lords of the Universe! 


 Here is the awesome banner that Tryptic Press made for me. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Boston Comic Con here I come, ready or not!

So the Boston Comic Convention is just over a week away.  I am up to my neck in new things including two new books and 6 new posters.  All these things will be available at my table.  I also have some sketch cover books, these are crazy limited and are first come first serve.  I will have Low Concept 3 for sale, which is an anthology book where I draw a story written by Lawrence Rosales.  The other book is called, Chroma by Tryptic Press.  Chroma is a New England showcase for 12 talented area artists.  6 of the artists in the Book will be at Boston Comic Con and a variant cover will be available. is the website for the book.  Come by and say Hi.
Here is one of the new posters:

Monday, April 1, 2013

It has been awhile.

    Here is my first blog of the new year, things have been crazy busy.  I have a couple of new publications coming out.  The first is the art in a new anthology from 11 O'clock comics called Low Concept 3.  My story was written by the talented Lawrence Rosales.  I am also an artist featured in Chroma by Tryptic Press a New England based contemporary art magazine.  I am very fortunate to be part of both of these projects.  Both of these books will be at Boston Comic Con April 20-21, 2013 at the Hynes Convention center in Boston.  Come check the con.  6 artists from Chroma will be at the con.

Here is a taste from Chroma
Can't wait to see you all there. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Little Women Christmas by Dani Jones

I just thought I would share a link to a Kickstarter that I was truly excited for,but sadly didn't fund.  My daughter loves the story.  Dani is a very good painter and her love of the March sisters really shows in the work.