Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Blog that wasn't.

  I got a call on Monday, there was a water problem at my place.  Yup I heard that before.  So I leave work early and head home.  Now my studio and home are the same place, there is work everywhere.  So I get there and there is a whole gaggle of maintenance guys there.  So I talk to one, who I know, actually I know them all.  I've had water before.  They are going to snake the drain that has thrown up like Linda Blair in the Exorcist all over my tub and bathroom.  They start with they consider a snake.  Through past experience I know this tool is ineffectual as a bible in a Thailand whorehouse, but they try.   "Well sir, we need to call the drain specialists.". Big surprise, I knew that.  So the conversation goes like it always does, "Sir, will you be home?,my apartment is potentially flooding?, no I thought I would go and buy drapes.  YES, I'll be home. Well we are gonna call the Drain Guys and get them right over here. " OK.  I'll be right here." 
   The Drain Professionals arrive (fanfare).  He tech looks like he just walked out of a fashion store at the Mall.  Usually these guys and dirty, grimy,drain fixin, lookin guys.  Not this dude, he is well manicured, wearing a Northface jacket, and clean boots.  In my eyes he is suspect.  He is carrying a pit bull of a snake.  I am standing next to him as he looks down at the exorcism in my tub and says" Wow, they are gonna have to take down that wall. "  At which point I realize this either the smartest drain guy so far, or he is the dumbest drain guy so far.  I'm not a plumber and the stuff currently in my tub looks like every other vomit I 've seen from the receptacle. At that point I get scared and as a male, when I get scared I react with anger.   I call my building management office and I say that someone needs to get over here and deal with this now!  I might have used so expletives, sue me I'm a human.  Matenience came back (Jesus) came to fix my bad tub.  He talked to the guy and said that there was nothing they could do til the morning.   They left with my tub still looking like the site if a vivisection.  I stayed home the next day from work to check and cuz i didn't sleep due to vivisection-armagedden.   I would also be there the next AM when they came to fix it.  
   I was there and I was told that the wall needed to come down, I had to leave for a week and that none of this would really fix the damage.  All this info was gleamed by a little sand in the pipe.  Amazing.  I have to move, not my fault but have to none the less.  Now my kids Boo and Capt. Kaos are gonna be psyched, I am not.  But now like the Jeffersons I am moving on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky.  I taking Weezey and all my stuff with me.  Next time blogs from level 6.

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